Energy is neither created nor destroyed;
It only changes form..

Principle of Conservation of Energy

Birth * Death

Birth and death are facts. Whether we look from Realm-1 or Realm-2, we discover that we all are born, and we shall all die.

From the Realm-1 perspective, consciousness is a product of our brain cells. It follows that consciousness begins to come into existence with our birth and everything that comprises this consciousness will cease to exist upon the death of the physical body. In a sense, to Realm-1 thinking, consciousness is a peripheral result of the functioning of the physical body.

Realm-2 perception tells a very different story. For a start, from the Realm-2 side, the physical body is a direct product of consciousness! As we shall see, the creation of this physical body begins well before birth and even before conception.

We can liken the Realm-2 understanding of life to a journey in a car. The car sits immobile until the driver comes along with the keys, starts the engine and drives away. At the end of the journey, the driver turns off the engine, emerges from the car and proceeds to another task. The car is the physical body; the driver the consciousness. Although the analogy is


Birth*Death 1

Evolving Soul

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Mario Schoenmaker

The pilgrim at the end of life looks out from one world into the next

far from perfect, it serves to illustrate very simply, the story of life from a Realm-2 perspective.

In Realm-2, we deal with consciousness as an energy – and just as there is a Realm-1 “Principle of Conservation of Energy”, so there is a Realm-2 principle that states that the energy of consciousness – the energy that comprises the individual person, was neither created at the beginning of this life, nor will it end at the end – it is simply transformed from one state into another.


The Evolving Soul

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