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All things come from God and will return to God ...

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Realm-2 is about purpose. There is a purpose that we live on this earth; there is a purpose for the events that envelop us; there is a purpose in every meeting in every day; there is a purpose for life.

The purpose can be expressed quite simply: we are evolving beings. The Darwinian theory of evolution is a Realm-1 reflection of this Realm-2 principle. According to Darwin, organisms began very simply, and over millennia have evolved to levels of ever increasing complexity.

The Realm-2 principle of evolution says that what evolves is consciousness. Realm-2 perceptions indicate that everything in the cosmos is involved in this journey. Not only are human beings evolving, but animals, plants and even stones and minerals are part of this vast evolutionary pilgrimage. Biologists tend to see evolution as a pyramid with the human being at the apex.


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Evolving Soul

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Evolution up the tree of consciousness. The beautiful line drawing of the tree was created by Pedro Lucena

Just what is it that evolves? It is not the personality, because our personality, our character, our self-concept – they are all projections of the soul. These projections are created by the soul as a vehicle for a particular life. If we return for a moment to the car analogy, while the car body may correspond to the physical body; the engine, the battery and other parts of the infrastructure correspond to the personality and character of an individual – they are still not the driver of the car.

To understand evolution we first have to understand the human soul. Within the soul is the divine spark which seeks to unite with the Christ. In Jesus the soul of man was fully united with the Christ and the fullness of divinity was manifested in him. In us the extent to which Christ is manifested depends on the level of our spiritual development and our past attainments. Life is the struggle of the soul to free itself from the limitations of the physical world and to identify with spirit. As the soul grows towards the surface of consciousness the divine spark is being fanned.

Rev Mario Schoenmaker, “The New Clairvoyance”

Evolutionary pyramid: Darwinian evolution

In Realm-2, evolution of consciousness is better depicted as a huge, organic tree. Its roots originate within the base level of the mineral world; the trunkcontinues through the plant kingdom and then the animal kingdom. Human consciousness is but a way-station in a continuum that proceeds up through super-human levels of consciousness, culminating in "Christ".

Rev Mario puts it this way:

The purpose of reincarnation is to provide the opportunity to achieve human fulfilment. There is a progression in life, even though this may not always be evident to us. This universe, the Gods which uphold it, and man are all in a state of evolution. There is a growth happening, leading to a greater realisation of the potentials held within us.

Rev Mario Schoenmaker, “The New Clairvoyance”



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