Christ as Culmination

Few words in the English language come loaded with as much emotional baggage as the topic of this section of the website. For two thousand years, wars have been fought, cities and nations have been founded and cultures have risen and fallen on ideologies revolving around Jesus Christ.

We shall avoid theology (which is a Realm-1 discipline) and understand that “Christ” is a consciousness. In “Birth*Death” we explored the evolution of human consciousness. There is a culmination of this evolution of consciousness. This culmination is “Christ”. We are capable of achieving this final destination of the pilgrimage of consciousness because there is something of the finality of this consciousness already within us. This tiny essence is called by many names: Atman (in Hinduism); Buddha Consciousness (in Buddhism); Christ Consciousness; the “inner divinity” and the “I AM”. To quote Rev Mario once again:

To understand evolution we first have to understand the human soul. Within the soul is the divine spark which seeks to unite with the Christ. In Jesus the soul of man was fully united with the Christ and the fullness of divinity was manifested in him. In us the extent to which Christ is manifested depends on the level of our spiritual development and our past attainments. Life is the struggle of the soul to free itself from the limitations of the physical world and to identify with spirit. As the soul grows towards the surface of consciousness the divine spark is being fanned.

Rev Mario Schoenmaker, “The New Clairvoyance”

There are four points that we could take from this passage. The first is that within our soul is a “divine spark”. The second point is that at a moment of historical time, the fullness of this divinity united itself with humanity in the person we know as Jesus of Nazareth. The third point is that the fullness of divinity is not within us at present! We have the potential to become divine – but at present, in most of us, this is a potential that is only activated to a very tiny degree. St Paul uses the expression:

“Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

Col. 1:27

The italics are mine. They emphasise that at present it is not the fullness of glory that dwells within us, it is the hope.

The last point Rev Mario makes is that this tiny portion of the divine, the “spark” of the divine actively seeks to unite with the fullness – this fullness that we know as Christ. This is the point and the purpose of human evolution: That from the limitations of our human consciousness, we make grow into the fullness of the divine consciousness.

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