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In the previous page we identified Christ with the culmination of human evolution. We also noted that this culmination had previously occurred in history in the person we know as Jesus of Nazareth.

If Christ is this fullness, then we are entitled to ask something about the characteristics of this fullness. In order to approach this topic we first need to have an understanding about the records of the expression of Christ as recorded in the New Testament. In the section of this site called “Realms” we approach an understanding that Rev Mario called “metaphysics”. This is not the same as philosophical or Aristotelian metaphysics. Rather it is an understanding that the universe, as we perceive it, is a projection of our own inner energies.

To put it in a very simplistic way” “Everything that I perceive about the universe around me is a reflection of myself.” To give a very simplistic example, let us suppose for a moment, that we own a car. We arrive at our car one day to discover that the brakes don’t work. Remember that the language of Realm-2 is symbolism, and this symbolism must be applied to self. I might take out of this experience that in some area of my life, I am not applying any “brakes” – that is, somewhere in my life I am out of control. On the other hand, perhaps the battery on my car is flat. Again, applying some symbolism to my own life, I may discover that my energies (the battery) are flat, and I am not going anywhere until I have recharged these energies.

Many people over the last century have written books about the “code” of the Bible. Actually there is a code to interpret the Bible – it is precisely the same code that we can use to interpret events in our own life. If we take up the life of a Christed person – in this case Jesus of Nazareth, then this symbolic code will not only unlock the meaning of these events in the life of this personage, but because Jesus contained something that we all contain in embryo – it will also unlock meaning for our own lives. This means of interpreting the Bible, we might call “Bible Metaphysics”.

The Gospel of St John contains seven sayings known as the “I AM” sayings. In each of these sayings one particular characteristic of Christ is defined. By coming to an understanding of each of these sayings then, we shall be able to approach an understanding of the characteristics of that spark of divinity we all contain within us.

1. I AM the bread of life. (John 6:35)Bread is a symbol of thinking. The I AM therefore infuses us with the ability to think. This is not logical, scientific (Realm-1) thinking – it is the ability to think creatively and spiritually about our own life.

2. I AM the light of the world (John 8:12)Light is consciousness. Just as Christ is the culmination of human consciousness, so our inner light illuminates our own world. If we do not live by this inner light then we become indeed (as Isaiah says) “the people who walk in darkness”.

3. I AM the door of the sheep (John 10:8)
The sheep are all those idiosyncrasies of personality and character that create our self-concept. There will come a time in our personal evolution when we integrate all these personal traits through the expression of the inner divinity.

4. I AM the good shepherd (John 10:11)The controller and guide of our personality is the I AM. Eventually we may learn to relinquish control from the ego to the inner Christ.

5. I AM the resurrection and the life (John 11:35)
Ego-consciousness is death. At the end of this life our personal identity will die. True eternal consciousness is given through the expression of the I AM.

6. I AM the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6)The way forward in evolution is through the I AM.

7. I AM the true vine (John 15:1)
Whereas bread represents our thinking, wine is a symbol of our emotions. Eventually our emotions also will become an expression of the I AM. We shall become not only thinking individuals, but also deeply feeling people.


Christ as Culmination

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