Wyse-Art Retreat


WHEN ACCOMPLISHED artists are working on their artistic creations, they are completely filled with what they are doing. At that level, a person doesn’t have any other mind than being an artist, one hundred percent. Complete concentration is involved when somebody is executing a work of art. That is the mark of a master. The mark of genius is none other than that you put one hundred percent of your being into the situation, and you can do so.

Chogyam Trungpa

This year marks seven years since the first Wyse-Art course was offered.

It has always been difficult to describe exactly what the Wyse-Art is! Perhaps the best understanding is to consider the Wyse-Art as the living expression of the teachings of Rev Mario Schoenmaker.

To mark this significant anniversary, numbers are important in the Wyse-Art, we are offering our very first Wyse-Art Retreat.



You are able to register for the Retreat if:

1. You have completed at least Module 5 of Level I (The Western Spiritual Tradition)


2. You have not begun a Wyse-Art course but have been empowered or ordained within the last two years, or you have been introduced to the Wyse-Art by someone who has participated in the course.

Those coming under criterion 2 will need to be sponsored by someone who has done the Wyse-Art course. Sponsoring simply means that the person who has introduced you to the Retreat will nominate you - not pay for you!

About the Retreat

We shall enjoy music and creativity, and be able to showcase a little of what Wyse-Art is really all about. Power! All originating from Mario's (& Colin's) teachings.

The Retreat will survey Wyse Art teachings and activities, directly from all of the levels, which are:

1) The Western Spiritual Tradition

2) The Christ Mysteries

3) The Mysteries of the Order of Melchizedek

It will be an experience like no other we have had thus far.

Date and Place

15th, 16th, 17th November 2019. It will be at the Bayview Room Portalrlington Community Centre.

Retreat Fee

The fee will be $130 to cover catering. No pizzas lol. You can register through the PayPal link below.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Pay Through PayPal

If you are coming through nomination, remember to put your sponsor's name in the Sponsor field.

The Way of the Wyse-Art

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Wyse-Art Retreat

Spiritual Readings

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The Way of the Wyse-Art

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