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...Its rich symbolism and ingenious construction make the Tarot the best of all instruments for true occult education, i.e., for "drawing out" the wisdom hidden in the heart of man.

Paul Foster Case, "Introduction to the Tarot"

To register for the online course simply send us an email. Tell us something about yourself, and your experience (if any) with the Tarot. The email address is:

We will reply, assign you a mentor and send the next module by email.

You can download the introductory module to get an idea of how the course works, but you will only be able to follow the instructions about communicating with the mentor once you have registered with us.

Download Introductory Module

The fee for the course is $250 (AUD). Once you have registered, you can pay by online secure credit card transaction through Paypal.

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Spiritual Readings

The Way of the Wyse-Art

External Sites

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