The Way of the Wyse-Art

Journeys in the Western Spiritual Tradition


”Know then thyself, presume not God to scan
The proper study of Mankind is Man”.

Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man

The Way of the Wyse-Art

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The Way of the Wyse-Art is a voyage of self-discovery. Developed over many years from the teachings of the Western Spiritual Tradition, it works with music, images, meditation and reflection. These four elements have been the building blocks of the Western tradition for thousands of years.The fifth element is the mentor. This is not a director or guru, rather the mentor acts as a guide through the map of new energies released in the process of the course.



The Way of the Wyse-Art was originally created by John Rawson BSc (Hons) Dip Tch FTCL (Pianoforte) MLitt (Creative Writing). He also has qualifications in ancient languages: Greek, Latin and Hebrew, and is a fine musician and composer. John has extensively researched both the Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, and has written academic papers on both. He is currently writing a biography of the Rev Mario Schoenmaker – a Western spiritual teacher, whom he met in 1978 and studied with for nineteen years. Through his time with Rev Mario Schoenmaker John was trained over many years to have direct insight into the spiritual worlds. A mystical experience led him to the decision that no person should have to live their life without coming to an understanding of the mystery that stands behind the veil. The entire work is dedicated to his own spiritual teacher.

Lyne-Melody Rawson (Editor of the Way of the Wyse-Art)

Wyse-Art Registration


The basis of the Way is the ‘Book of the Wyse-Art’. This is a compilation of imagery and verse which forms a basis for the eleven steps of the Way.

The course consists of eleven separate modules which may be done once a week, once a fortnight or once a month depending on the time needs of the participant. You will need to set aside one session of approximately an hour to commence each module. In each session a piece of music sets the scene. This is followed by a time of listening to the reflection of the session and then contemplating the images placed in front of us by the Book.

The Three Pillars of the Western Spiritual Tradition


We are born into an inheritance of freedom. This is the power to free ourselves from the burdens, attachments and guilts that come with life in a physical body. It is only when we realise our spiritual origins that we can become truly free.


Spiritual knowledge is not an accumulation of facts; it is not a philosophy, nor a theology - rather it is an experience of the reality of the true Self. Once this is experienced, then old patterns of thoughts and reactions fall away.


Freedom and knowledge create insight. Insight is a spiritual vision that sees beyond surface appearances. Through insight we open up compassion for fellow-travelers on the road of life. We discover our own purposes and tasks within our own life. Finally, our vision becomes potent and clear-sighted. We become. in a real sense, ‘clairvoyant’


The ‘Wyse-Artist’ is the individual who, through embracing freedom, knowledge and wisdom, has become wise. The ‘Wyse-Art’ is then, the Art of Wisdom.


John Rawson

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