The Human Being - Realm 2


"I AM the light of the world. He who follows me will not walk in darkness but will have the light of life."

John 8:12

In Realm-1, the human being is understood as a physical being. In Realm-2, on the contrary, the human being is understood as a creation of light. To understand this for a moment, think of a dream. If there were no light in the dream, there would be no experience, no pictures. It is only when light enters in, that understanding enters into us. Rev Mario relates the beginning of his clairvoyant gift in this way:


One night in 1966 I was sitting in front of the fire in the lounge room with my wife and a few friends. Although I was not even consciously meditating I was taken out of my body into a cathedral-like building. In this spiritual atmosphere burning coals were placed on my forehead and stomach which actually left burns on the flesh at these two points. When I came back into the body I could see colours. Nothing was defined, but colours were streaming from all directions towards me.

Rev Mario Schoenmaker, "The New Clairvoyance"

This was an entry of perception into Realm-2. Rev Mario was able to gradually discipline and control this perception so that it became a potent instrument to discover the manifestation of the souls of those people who came towards him. This Realm-2 perception of the human being is generally known as the aura. Rev Mario notes:

“... the aura, the colour field surrounding the physical body [which] is invisible to the naked eye. By observing the rays of the aura, the colours, the way the colours move and the way the aura vibrates as a whole, I could deduce certain characteristics of the person. For instance, the strength of the emanation determines the person's magnetism and charisma.”

Rev Mario Schoenmaker, "The New Clairvoyance"


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Where does this light come from?

Light is consciousness. Every day metaphors reflect this back at us: “A light bulb went on!”; “I saw the light!”. Conversely to describe lack of awareness: “I was kept in the dark”.

The source of light for the human being is the spark of divine consciousness within us. This is the “I AM”. That is why Jesus can say, “I AM the light of the world.” For the I AM is the light which illuminates our own individual world.

In this sense, Realm-2 perception begins and ends with light.


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