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Astrology Library

The astrology books in this collection are from the collection of a professional astrologer. They are not 'Sun Sign' descriptions, rather they are, for the large part, technical manuals and reference books for the practising astrologer. Some of these books are now unobtainable and others would cost a large amount of money if they were to be purchased new. In fact the whole collection, if purchased new from Amazon would cost over $4000 and that is US dollars! This price doesn't even take into account the cost of shipping.

There are 103 books listed below. The price of $300 for the entire library therefore works out at $3 per book.

Title Author Description Topic Condition Amazon Price
Astrological Timing - The Transition to the New Age Rudhyar, Dane Rudhyar's take on the effect of planetary cycles, the precession of the equinoxes and the transition from the Pisceans age to the Aquarius age. Aquarian age Good 62.39
Astrological Aspects Carter, C. E. O. A simple, well-written introduction and description of standard aspects. Carter treats only the conjunction; sextile; trine; square and opposition. Aspects Average - some marks 17.00
The Cardinal Cross Davidson, W. A transcript of a lecture given for the American Federation of Astrologers. Aspects
Average - some marks 00
Aspects and Houses in Analysis Tyl, Noel Volume IV of Tyl's twelve volume series starts by analysing hemisphere emphasis and retrogradation. It then proceeds to elements and modes and finishes by covering aspect patterns such as grand trine and t-square. Aspects
Very good 28.94
The Natural Birth Control Book Rosenblum, Art & Jackson, Leah Astrological and other non-chemical birth control methods. Also describes an astrological system for ensuring conception and even determining the sex of the child. Birth Control Very Good 151.48
Astrology & the Edgar Cayce Readings Cayce, Edgar A selection of Cayce s statements on astrological elements from his Life Readings. Cayce Excellent 24
Chinese Horoscopes Wilhelm, H. A whimsical look at Chinese signs. Fulsomely illustrated with quriky line drawings to go with the descriptions. (205 p.) Chinese astrology Average - poor quality paper 5.99
Astrological Counsel Tyl, Noel This was the first book to consider the dynamics of the astrologer/client relationship. Tyl discusses the consultation, and various tools to help with specific client conditions such as anxiety and response to criticism.

PB. Volume X of The Principles and Practice of Astrology
Counselling Good 19.69
Aleister Crowley, The Complete Astrological Writings Crowley. A. As described in the title. Edited and annotated by John Symonds and Kenneth Grant. (227 p.) Crowley Poor - some markings 64.03
New Age Career Cycles Townley, John A very good book on the two planetary cycles which impinge upon success and career: the Jupiter cycle and the Saturn cycle.

Cycles Very good 56.00
Interpreting the Eclipses Jansky, R. C. A short text book giving the basic facts on eclipses: how they are generated, the major cycles and their effects in natal astrology, rectification and medical astrology. (114 p.) Eclipses Average 13.44
Electional Astrology Robson, Vivian Electional Astrology is the art of erecting a chart for the commencement of an enterprise. This is still the classic text on the subject. Electional Very good 50.36
The Zodiac & the Soul Carter, C. E. O. A series of short essays on some of the spiritual facets of astrology. There is an interesting chapter on Carter s Symbolic Directions and a series of short analyses of different historical characters. Esoteric Good 14.00
Astrological Assistance Larner, Saul P. This is a unique book. Whereas most astrology books give you plenty of information on difficult aspects and positions within a birth chart, this book sets out to help you to overcome problems and improve health, well-being and life. It s remedies include Amulets and Talismans; Colour and Music; Herbs, Potions and Oils; the I Ching; and Yoga.

Excellent - some wear & tear on edges of jacket 38.75
Search for the Christmas Star Michelson, Neil F. and Simms, Marie Kay A set of charts for a range of differing dates and times for the Christmas Star mentioned in the gospel of Matthew. Esoteric
Good 8.95
Applied Astrology Hone, M. E. Margaret Hone s text, The Modern Text Book of Astrology introduced thousands of students to the study of Astrology through the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London. This book is a companion text containing a wealth of examples including client consultations, relationship decisions and inceptional charts. Examples Good 100
Fixed Stars and their Interpretations Ebertin-Hoffman This little book consists of a set of descriptions of a number of fixed stars and their astrological delineation.. Coming after the Vivian Robson book, it contains a few chart examples of the descriptions. Fixed Stars Excellent 9.94
Fixed Stars Robson, V. Even today there are few books which contain detailed descriptions of the fixed stars. Whether or not an astrologer wants to take much notice of these points in a chart interpretation, Robson s compilation contains much traditional data and meanings. Fixed Stars
Good 25.00
Aspects of Astrology for Australians and New Zealanders Carpenter, G. This was the first book to be written with chart examples that applied to the Southern Hemisphere, especially of course, Australia and New Zealand. The description of each zodiac sign is illustrated with a well-known Australian or New Zealander, eg Joan Hammond (Gemini), Harold Holt (Leo) and Robert Muldoon (Libra) General Good 20.00
As Above, So Below Oken, A. A beautiful little book with a distinct New Age spin. Oken is concerned to put astrology in the context of spiritual experience and he manages to do this while still providing clear analyses of signs and planets. (344 p.) General
Average - poor quality paper 28.00
From Pioneer to Poet Pagan, I. M. Isobel Pagan was another astrologer who was part of the astrological revival in the early years of the twentieth century. This book is a loving and extended analysis of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Pagan s Theosophical background reveals itself in the subsections of her descriptions: The Evolved Type ; the Primitive Type ; Love and Friendship Religion and so on. Still a classic in depth description of the twelve signs. General
Excellent 52.00
A to Z Horoscope Maker & Delineator George, Llewellyn An absolute classic. For almost 50 years this was the standard handbook for the practising astrologer. As well as detailed description of chart construction and natal interpretation it contains sections on prediction; horary astrology; pre-natal epoch; vocations; and even how to choose a winner in a contest.

Hardback; reprinting of the 1910 first edition
Handbook Excellent - has inscription 49.13
The Manual of Astrology Sepharial First published in 1898, Sepharial revised and enlarged the book in 1903. After his death in 1929, the publisher added delineations for Pluto, which was discovered in 1930. This book has long been a classic.

Good 21.52
The Arcana of Astrology Simmonite This is a reprint of the 1890 edition. It contains all the detailed rules which astrologers of that time thought relevant for determining appearance, vocation, diseases and prosperity.

Very good 36.95
Harmonics in Astrology Addey, J. In the late 1970s the study of harmonics became very fashionable. The researcher at the forefront of this line of astrological research and interpretation was John Addey. This book introduces his ideas - some of which are still thought provoking. Harmonics Good 55.13
Hindu Predictive Astrology Raman, B. V. Despite its title, this book covers much more than predictive techniques. Topics include: Hindu time measures; planets, signs and natures; planetary strengths; recitfication; periods & sub periods; longevity; death-inflicting planets; horoscope judgment; planets in houses; the Ashtakavarga system; Horary, Electional and Mundane astrology. (335 p.) Hindu Astrology Good 7.49
To Rule Both Day and Night: Astrology in the Bible, Midrash and Talmud Dobin, Joel C. An investigation of the roots of astrology in the Hebrew tradition. Rabbi Dobin discusses examples of astrology in the Torah, the Midrash and the Talmud.

History Excellent 61.01
Astrology - The Celestial Mirror Kenton, Warren A beautifully illustrated coffee table book. It gives simple descriptions of astrological terms and elements and many full colour illustrations. History
Very good 12
Horary De Long, S. A clear, concise introduction to Horary Astrology. Sylvia de Long is in the American tradition of Ivy-Goldstein Jacobs, so the book is an exposition of classical horary techniques. Lots of examples - vital in this branch of astrology. Horary Good 20.48
Horary Astrology Jones, M. E. When Marc Edmund Jones wrote this book, Horary astrology had become the poor relation of astrology. He manages to treat the subject from a contemporary point of view, without throwing the baby out with the bath water. Jones relies less on traditional astrological dignities than on simplifying the old methodology. (462 p.) Horary
Good 43.48
Horary Astrology and the Judgment of Events Watters, B. Barbara Watters was a very good American astrologer who writes clearly and practically on the subject. The book covers traditional techniques, but also benefits from her tremendous personal experience of almost thirty years of practice. Horary
Good 22.95
Zodiac Searle, Ronald A fun look at the Zodiac through the whimsical drawings of Ronald Searle. Humour Very good - some wear and tear on the jacket 17.44
Astrology, How and Why it Works Jones, M. E. Originally published in 1945, this easy to understand beginners guide is an in depth investigation of astrological symbolism. It demystifies astrological prediction, and relates theoretical understanding to the experience and practical concerns of the reader. Topics discussed include: Twelve Tribes of Individuality; Basic Factors of Delineation; The Houses, Signs and Planets; The Magic of the Hemispheres; and, The Divinity of Difference. This classic text has demonstrated its value in serving the needs of students and friends of astrology for almost 50 years.

Introduction Very good 16.95
Liquid Light of Sex Clow, Barbara Hand Despite the title this is not a book about sex. It is a penetrating discussion of the astrological cycles which occur throughout life. One of Clow s most original contributions is to link the planetary cycles with the unfolding of the spiritual centres (chakras).

Life Cycles Good 5.45
The Lunation Cycle Rudhyar, Dane This book begins with a discussion of the lunar cycle. It then covers other relationships between the sun and the moon, the Part of Fortune and the Part of Spirit. Lunar Very good 15.31
Lunar Astrology Volguine, Alexandre This was one of the first books to discuss the lunar mansions using a variety of traditions. Lunar
Good 82.94
Phases of the Moon Busteed, M. Tiffany, R. Wergin, D. This is a detailed description of the astrological effects of lunar phases. It is written from a psychological perspective a la Dane Rudhyar. Lunar cycles Good 26.56
The Moon s Nodes White, G. Most modern astrologers consider the position of the nodes in a chart to be significant. This little book is an early attempt to show that the traditional signification of the nodes could be an important part of chart interpretation. Lunar nodes Good 14.36
The Astronomical Knowledge of the Maori Best, Elsdon Maori astronomical and astrological traditions Maori Fair - some markings 9.78
How to Use the Cell Salts Jansky, Robert C. The biochemical cell salts and their astrological correspondences.

Medical Good 75
Encyclopedia of Medical Astrology Cornell, H. L. The classic textbook on the subject. Cornell was a practising doctor who painstakingly collected details from his patients over many years. The results are compiled in this large Encyclopedia which contains thousands of illnesses and physical conditions matched to planetary configurations.

Medical astrology
Astro Psychiatry Darling, Harry E. & Oliver, Ruth H. Dr. Darling, a psychiatrist with Jungian outlook, a homeopath, and founder of the National Council for Geocosmic Research, was medical Director in several state and private mental institutions and deepened his practice with the help of astrology. He discusses violence, depression and homosexuality, suicide and schizophrenia, illustrated with charts of Hitler, Schweitzer, Paul Verlaine, Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow, Jack the Ripper, and Senator McCarthy (whom he regarded as psychotic). (Amazon review)

Medical Astrology
Very good - tear in jacket 31.95
Astro Diagnosis Heindel, Max
Heindel, Augusta Foss
The result of a 30 year collaboration between Max Heindel and his wife, this is a comprehensive survey of the link between astrological configurations and medical conditions.

Medical Astrology
Good 16.95
Modern Medical Astrology Jansky A brief (93 p) introduction to the topic of Medical Astrology. In twelve lessons, Jansky covers traditional significators; cell-salts; midpoints; psychological diagnosis and birth, death and the subject of twins Medical Astrology
Good 18.00
Astrology and Diet Jenkyn, Richard A little book on foods which correspond to each sign of the zodiac and how they can be used in conjunction with astrology to achieve better health.

Medical Astrology
Excellent 19.51
The Healing Herbs of the Zodiac Muir, Ada A tiny book listing the herbs which correspond to each sign of the zodiac and the uses of each herb.

Medical Astrology
Good - some discolouration on the jacket 4
An Introduction to Politcal Astrology Carter, C. E. O. This small book was an original contribution to the field of Mundane or Political Astrology when it was published. Being English, it is mainly centred around events concerning England and Europe. Carter s observation about the chart of Prince Charles reads, Should he ascend the throne - and points out the opposition of the Sun in the natal chart to Neptune in the 1066 chart. Mundane Astrology Good 35.84
Astrology: Mundane, Astral, Occult Tyl, Noel This volume covers Mundane astrology, the interpretation of fixed stars and the use of occult symbolism in astrology. Mundane, fixed stars, occult Fair 57.70
Mythic Astrology Guttman, A. & Johnson, K. It is no accident the energies that the astrologer works with have deep roots within the human psyche. A knowledge of the mythology and stories behind the planets, signs, elements and asteroids helps deepen astrological insight and Mythology Good 45
Art of Synthesis Leo, Alan In this volume, Leo goes into greater depth in his description of the planets, and focuses especially on their spiritual and esoteric significance. There is a lot of theosophic language, but if you can beyond this, much of what he has to say is clear and well thought out. The book concludes with a survey of some simple methods of getting a whole picture of the chart.

Natal very good - some marks on the jacket 34.50
Planetary patterns Jansky, R. C. Jansky discusses the Marc Edmund Jones planetary patterns. The book is well-illustrated and to the point. Planetary patterns Average 104.80
The Guide to Horoscope Interpretation Jones, M. E. Marc Edmund Jones was one of the pioneers of psychological astrology. In this book he discusses one of his most important contributions of astrology: the shaping patterns in the birth chart. Almost every astrologer now uses his descriptions of the Bowl , Locomotive , Splash etc shapings which are exeinsively described and analysed in this book.

Planetary patterns
very good - some marks 73.44
The Planets & Human Behaviour Mayo, J. Jeff Mayo s interpretation of the planets is taken from the point of view of Jungian psychology. He therefore covers such topics as Self-Integration,Actuation, Self-projection, Deviation and the psychic structure of man. (176 p.) Planets Average - tear in cover 9.95
The Pre-Natal Epoch Bailey, E. H. The pre-natal epoch is a technique sometimes used to rectify birth charts. It is based on an ancient rule, the Trutine of Hermes which states that the position of the Moon at birth is the position of the Ascendent at conception and the position of the Ascendent at birth is that of the Moon at conception. The first astrologer to systematically investigate this premise and develop it was E. H. Bailey who chronicles the complexities that this simple rule leads to. A classic astrological text. Pre-Natal Epoch Good 21.40
The Technique of Prediction Davison, R. C. Ronald Davison was yet another English astrologer in the Theosophical line of the first half of the twentieth century. This book is an excellent discussion about the art and technique of astrological prediction. Davison s preferred technique is Secondary Directions (Day for a Year) plus some inventive modifications of his own. The books great strength however, lies in the way in which Davison discusses the influence of house positions and their opposites.

Prediction Excellent - some spotting on jacket 147.60
Transits Ebertin, Reinhold A little book of abbreviated transit descriptions and examples Prediction
Good 16.68
Cycles of Becoming Ruperti, Alexander This classic book on transit cycles contains the following: 1. The Humanistic Approach. 2. The Age Factor: waxing/waning hemicycles; individual years; applying the age factor. 3. The Sun-Moon Cycles: cycles of the Moon s nodes; eclipse cycles; solar & lunar cycles. 4. The Personal Planets-Mercury, Venus & Mars: Venus-Mars cycle; Sun-Venus cycle; Sun-Mars cycle; Mercury cycle. 5. The Jupiter Cycle. 6. The Saturn Cycle: the generic cycle; the individual cycle. 7. The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle: the Development of a Social Destiny. 8. The Uranus Cycle: the Saturn-Uranus cycle; the Jupiter-Uranus cycle. 9. The Neptune Cycle: the Neptune generations; the personal cycle of Neptune; Uranus-Neptune cycle; Saturn-Neptune cycle; Jupiter-Neptune cycle. 10. The Pluto Cycle: the Pluto generations; the personal cycle of Pluto. 11. Retrograde Movement of the Outer Planets

Good 21.95
The Expanded Present Tyl, Noel Volume VI of this series deals with Directions, as opposed to Transits. Tyl covers radix directions, equivalent to one degree or solar arc directions and with secondary progressions.

PB Volume VI of The Principles and Practice of Astrology
Fair - binding has cracked 56.10
Church of Light Astrological Research & Reference Cyclopedia Zain, C. C. Most of this book is a comprehensive survey of secondary progressions.

The last section is about stellar dietetics.
Good 26.13
Essentials of Astrological Analysis Jones, M. E. The Essentials of Astrological Analysis is the most the most widely-acclaimed and often-referred-to presentation of Sabian Astrology available. It is based on a whole-view approach that uses Dr. Marc Edmund Jones' detailed and unique 16-point analysis, together with a special section on the comparison of horoscopes, a full explanation of the four principal considerations relative to vocation or avocation and a glossary.

Marc Edmund Jones was one of the pioneers of a modern psychological approach to astrology.
Psychological Excellent 34
An Astrological Study of Psychological Complexes Rudhyar, Dane A classic early study on the relationship between astrology and psychology. Rudhyar discusses such topics as Mother/Father complexes;Mars, Venus and the emotional life and and astrological understanding of sex for the modern psyche Psychology
Very good 72.77
Astrology and Personality Tyl, Noel This was the first book to systematically translate psychological personality theories into an astrological framework. Chapters:
* Gestalt Field Theory - Lewin
* Psychological Attitudes and Functions - Jung
*Needs - Murray and Maslow
* Superiority and Inferiority - Adler
* The Unconscious - Freud

PB Volume V of The Principles and Practice of Astrology
Psychology Very good 61.01
Progressions, Directions & Rectification Dobyns, Z. Using both a practical and a humanistic approach, Zip Dobyns guides the reader through the proven techniques used to rectify a birth chart. The precise methods she outlines to find the correct birth time are easy to follow, and include the use of various methods of planetary and angle progression, solar arc directions, local house cusps, transits, and more. She also discusses less dependable techniques.

Rectification Good - some marks on the cover 14.95
Rectification of the Birth Time Schwickert, Gustav Explores the various techniques used by the author to determine an accurate birth time. The author includes analysis of the physical appearance, directions, transits, eclipses, & the positions of the transiting planets at the time of the eclipse. The construction of the prenatal epoch chart & its importance is explained. Learn how to use aspects, ingresses, midpoints, & the mother's chart to arrive at a deeper understanding of the forces at work in a birth chart. Rectification
Good - some markings 140
Encyclopedia of Astrology Devore, N. A wonderful resource, although it does not cover techniques and terms of the last fifty years. If you ever wanted to know what an Athazar is; or the Joys of the planets - or simply to understand eclipse cycles and how to calculate Easter, it is all given in DeVore. (433 p.) Reference Average 24.53
Time Changes in the World Doane, D. C. This was once (with its companion for the US) an indispensable tool for every astrologer. With the advent of computer software you can dispense with these books, but they are still useful to have to double check time zones. Reference
Fair - some markings 00
Astrology and the Royal Family Elliot, R. As per the title, beginning with Victoria and Albert up to the status in 1977. More interesting in retrospect - but the charts may still be applicable. (186 p.) Reference
Poor 00
Fifty Thousand Birthdays Field, P. Circle charts show the distribution of different populations: musicians, mathematicians, surgeons and so on. Reference
Average 00
Birth & Planetary Data. Vol 4: Painters and Musicians Gauquelin, M & F This is the Gauquelin data from 2722 painters and musicians. A fascinating research source book Reference
Good 24.72
Horoscopes: Musicians & Composers Jansky, R. C. A collection of charts of 100 composers (Bach to Wagner); instrumental musicians; conductors and band leaders; contemporary vocal performers and operatic performers. Reference
Average 71.01
A Thousand and One Notable Nativities Leo, Alan First published in 1911, this collection of notable nativities is still worth perusing. Birth data for the famous (King Henry VIII) are next door to the notorious ( Hanged Drawn & Quartered ) and the simply unfortunate, ( Shot Himself Accidentally ). The data is given in the first part of the book; planetary positions (excluding Pluto) in the second half. Reference
Good 24.00
The Astrologer s Astronomical Handbook Mayo, J. A useful reference for astrologers. Explains basic astronomical principles and data for chart construction; time systems, stellar and planetary factors. (126 p.) Reference
Good 8.73
The Book of World Horoscopes Moore, M. An incredible source book for any astrologer wanting to look at charts of countries. Countries are listed alphabetically from Afghanistan to Zambia. All charts are calculated by computer and show asteroid lists as well. Reference
Good 50.00
American Book of Charts Rodden, L. M. A wonderful collection of charts from all times and places. There are over 500 charts grouped according to A and B categories where the time of birth is reasonably certain; and another 150 positions given for C and D data. Invaluable for anyone engaged in research or teaching. Reference
Good - some marks on the cover 16.00
The Astrology of Towns and Cities Wigglesworth, H. A listing of founding dates and planetary positions for English towns and cities. Reference
Average 00
The Ascendant Your Karmic Doorway Schulman, Martin Martin Schulman wrote a series of books on astrology and reincarnation. In this book he writes about the connection of the Ascendand with karma, both personal and impersonal.

Reincarnation Very Good - some pages folded 24.95
Retrograde Planets and Reincarnation Yott, Donald A little book using the retrograde planets in a chart to describe character traits brought in from previous lives.

Good - some marks on the cover 10
Astrology and Romance Ebertin, E. Elsbeth Ebertin was an early twentieth century astrologer in Berlin. This book is a very readable insight into astrological ideas on love and romance. The book was published by her much more famous son, Reinhold Ebertin, the founder of the Mid-point school of Cosmobiology. Relationships Cover slightly worn 12.95
The Contact Cosmogram Ebertin, Reinhold A description of the use of the Contact Cosmogram, a standard tool of the Ebertin/Cosmobiology school of Astrology. The positions of one person is placed inside the cosmogram, the positions of the second outside and relationships of planets and midpoints compared. Relationships
Excellent 28.85
Planets in Composite Hand, Robert Planets in Composite contains an explanation of the composite technique, chapters on casting and reading the horoscope, five case studies illustrating the use and validity of composite charts, plus twelve chapters of delineations. There are delineations for all the planets (including Sun and Moon) in each house and every major aspect (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposition). 374 interpretations in all, 300 words each, thumb-indexed for easy reference. And there are 41 delineations of the Moon's nodes as well.

Excellent - some wear & tear on edges of jacket 68.82
The Biological Clock Brown, Frank A., Hastings, J. Woodland, & Palmer, John D. Introduction to biological rhythms and clocks, by J. D. Palmer.
Hypothesis of environmental timing of the clock, by F. A. Brown.
Cellular-biochemical clock hypothesis, by J. W. Hastings.

Research Good
The Astrology of Accidents Carter, C. E. O. Charles Carter was an English astrologer of the first part of the twentieth century. This little book is a collection of accident charts with Carter s comments. Not much is concluded, but the book is an early classic of research. Research
Good 14.95
The Spheres of Destiny Gauquelin, M. Gauquelin s descriptions of how planetary significators correlate with personality. Based on his years of research - contains some interesting insights. (256 p.) Research
Poor 3.65
Ruler of the Nativity Volguine, Alexandre This bok by the famous French astrologer Alexandre Volguine is a moder treatise on the Almuten or Birth Governor. No to be confused with the ruler of the ascendant or sun sign, the ruler of the Nativity represents the stongest planet in the horoscope which is determined in Volguine s method, not by guessing or intuition but by careful, exact calculation.

Hardback, 1973 Edition
Ruler Excellent 610.01
The Sabian Symbols in Astrology Jones, M. E. This is the foundation book on the Sabian symbols. For one year, Marc Edmond Jones worked with a clairvoyant to obtain symbolic descriptions of each degree of the zodiac. In my own experience, they are often amazingly apt, and worth a trial for any astrologer. Sabian Symbols Very good 34.84
Astrology and Science Gauquelin, M. This is Gauquelin s readable summary of his years of research showing that there was a strong statistical correlation between planetary positions and careers. Every astrologer needs to have this in their library! Science Poor 10.72
The Case for Astrology West, J. A & Toonder, G. A short, readable precis of the history of astrology and the state of evidence in 1970. History
Poor 24.71
Solar & Lunar Returns Bradley, George Explains the theory of return charts, demonstrates the astrological calculations, and shows sample charts Solar Lunar Returns good - some wear and teart 20.90
The Astrologer Looks at Murder Watters, B. In this little book, Barbara Watter looks at seven convicted murderers including John Christie and Lizzie Borden. Each case is discussed and analysed astrologically. She finishes with a solution for the Jack the Ripper crimes. Special Good 24.97
Gospel of the Stars: A Celebration of the Mystery of the Zodiac Lemesurier, Peter A discussion of the zodiac and the precession of the equinoxes in terms of the evolution of humanity. Spiritual Very good 14.80
Time Changes in the USA Doane, D. C. This is the US companion for the World Changes. The USA posed particular difficulties to the astrology because of the astonishing labyrinth of local time standards. Still an important reference to back-up your computer program! Time Zones Good 14.00
The Language of Uranian Astrology Jacobsen, Roger A. Uranian astrology was developed early in the 20th century by a group of German astrologers led by Alfred Witte. It threw out a lot of what it considered to be obsolete baggage, and inaugurated a range of new techniques including planetary pictures, 90° and 45 ° charts and midpoints. Many of these techniques were later taken up by the Ebertin school of Cosmobiology.

Uranian Good 90
Special Horoscope Dimensions: Success, Sex and Illness Tyl, Noel Covers in detail vocational astrology, the astrology of relationships and medical astrology.

PB. Volume IX of The Principles and Practice of Astrology
Vocation, sex and medical astrology Very good 41.67
Vocational Guidance by Astrology Luntz, Charles E. One of the few books ever written specialising in Vocational Astrology. The author worked in the field for many years advising employers and employees using these techniques.

Vocational Good 19.96

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