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This web site has a simple, but challenging goal: to provide an understanding of spirituality for those living in a Western culture. This understanding is based on something called the Western Spiritual Tradition. This is not the same thing as Church History – the history of the orthodox church in different guises. It is a tradition that had to be hidden from those who controlled thinking in the West. Unfortunately, for many centuries, these were mostly the high officials of the Church. Popes, cardinals, bishops, patriarchs have been responsible for setting frameworks for understanding the world, and then persecuting and punishing those who might depart from them. Today, the churches in general, don’t have this sort of power. The task of controlling thinking has passed from religious leaders in the West to another group of thinkers – the scientists and technocrats of the last three hundred years. The prevailing conceptual framework of modern Western society is “materialism.” Such a framework ignores or even denies the reality of spiritual experience, consigning

it to the fields of abnormal psychology. Nevertheless, despite the best efforts of those who would like us to concentrate on the realities of the physical world, as the only realities, the West has been infiltrated by another world – the world of spirit. There have been great spiritual teachers who arose in the midst of western culture to proclaim the reality of spirit. Rudolf Steiner, Edgar Cayce, Gurdjieff, Krishnamurti, Eckart Tolle are just a few who said (loudly!): “There is another reality!”

The views expressed in this website are based on the teachings of another remarkable western spiritual teacher, Rev Mario Schoenmaker, who was active in Australia in the last half of the twentieth century, The story of Rev Mario’s life and work is told in more detail on the website, Those of us fortunate enough to meet and work with this gifted teacher and writer have experienced at first hand, the realities of the second world – the world of Realm-2.

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